Flood warning for the south of Norway

Flood, rainA flood warning has been issued for the south of Norway, which may set both five and ten year records.

Sagabekken, a river in Vinje muncipality in Telemark county has broken its banks due to heavy rain, and has already caused landslides and damage to the roads.


Both the fire department and police are working to try to control the heavy amounts of water. However, there is now a risk that several other places in the south of Norway will also experience record-breaking floods.

The floods are caused by snow and ice melting, which increases the water levels in both rivers and creeks. The current warning is issued until Tuesday, and includes most counties in both mid- and south Norway.

"There may come as much 20-30 millimeters of rain in a very short time in certain places," says meteorologist Bente Wahl. Although the percipitation may be very local, the water level is already so high because of the rain earlier this spring," Wahl explains.


The photo is not associated with the current flood.

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