The Vesteraalen......

Skipnes fishing village is located in breathtaking natural surroundings with all of the best that the Vesteraalen islands have to offer.

The village is located on one of Vesteraalen's outer islands where motor vehicles are not permitted. The village is protected from the open sea by a natural bay.The cabins are spacious and newly restored in traditional style, suitable for both families and groups. At the beginning of the 1900's, Skipnes was a fishing/farming community. Fishermen from far and wide came there. The prosperity of Skipnes ended in the mid 60's, when political centralisation policies, combined with poor fishing years, led to gradual depopulation and the demise of the industry. Out of the ashes rose this once again vibrant community. All of the buildings have been restored. Today Skipnes emerge at a popular peaceful holiday and leisure centre.

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