A different holiday

hostfargerWhat is a holiday really about. Just doing something different, - right ?  Try packing your backpack, tent, warm clothes, - and just take a week in the forest nearby.

- instead of spending hours infront of the PC, trying to figure out the cheapest tickets to somewhere else. The story is about a family close to Oslo who laid plans for a canoe trip. Unfortunately, the plan had to be changed due to the work situation of one of the family members, who had to stay home, and still enjoy the vacation. '' We don't have to go that far'' the family Schytz decided. They packed their sacks, tent, warm clothes, and went 500 meters into the autonomous forest close to their home, - and has spent their autumn holidays there since.

All the family members enjoyed it so much the first time. Just beeing there, ''without any aim than just that''. They burn bonfires, clim trees, pick mushrooms and make their cooking over the flames, and talk.  When the night and darkness comes, they creep into their sleeping-bags.

Spending their holidays in a different place, close to home, they are often visited by friends and neighbours, - people that seldom stop by normally. ''The children really enjoy this, and most important is that we are all really together.''

Source: Aftenposten A-Magasinet

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