Record number of cruise ships to Norway

This year looks to become a record year for cruise traffic to Norway, with an estimated 10 per cent increase over last year. The increase is greatest for the smaller destinations in Norway.- The estimates for 2010 so far is for a record 1560 ships' arrivals, compared with 1478 in 2009, says director of Cruise Norway, Wenche Nygård Eeg to newspaper Nationen.

- We estimate that we will received 1.9 million cruise visitors this year, compared with 1.7 million last year, Nygård Eeg says.


Stavanger looks to be the winner, with an increase from 99 arrivals in 2009 to 115 arrivals in 2010. Molde will also experience a strong increase, from 33 arrivals in 2009 to 51 in 2010.


(NRK/Press release)

Rolleiv Solholm

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