Media: An all-day travelogue

Public broadcaster NRKTV on Saturday marked the 100-year annivesary of the opening of the Oslo to Bergen railway by airing an unusual travelogue: A 7-hour direct transmission from the front of the train running from Oslo to Bergen.

NRK had placed one camera direct in front of the locomotive, and two other cameras which covered what was happening to the left or right of the tracks.

Those who followed the entire 7hours 16 min program on NRK 2, could enjoy a facinating trip through gorgeous scenery along the Bergen line in beautiful fall weather.

And those of you who hve travelled by rail in Norway, and wonder what happened when the train barelled through the countless, long tunnels: NRK filled the time with cuts from old documentaries and radio interviews, some even with veterans who helped build the railway.

The program was very popular with viewers in Norway, and Aftenposten reports that NRK's web casts were blocked by viewers from abroad who wanted to follow the journey.

And if you are intrested, the program is re-broadcast on NRK 2 Sunday morning at 10:25 local time on NRK 2.


Rolleiv Solholm

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