Students in Oslo are the most motivated

Schools located in Oslo have the highest score when it comes to their students' motivation and sense of achievement

A total of 18 percent of grade 10 students reported that they "always" respond when they are asked by the their teacher about homework, assignments or what the teacher is explaining. 76 percent of students state that they "always" or "often" understand.

The study is a survey among grade seven, grade 10, and grade 11 students, and is conducted each year. Students were asked about their interest in learning, whether they do homework, how much they like their schoolwork, and whether they pay attention to the teacher.

A total of 85 percent of the grade seven students say they do pay attention, although the motivation among the grade 10 students is somewhat lower at 69 percent. Oslo also shows the highest score in this area, but the head of the student organization emphasizes that this doesn't indicate that there is no room for improvement.

"The trend is that the motivation decreases the closer the students get to exams and tests," Agnete Djupvik explains. And when it comes to academic challenges, schools in Oslo rank at the very bottom. Only 30 percent of the students say that they felt challenged in most subjects.

"The teachers have to become better at adjusting their teaching. Currently, there is too much variation between each teacher and class," Djupvik says. Generally speaking she thinks they key to a better school is to let the students take more charge.

When it comes to bullying, nine percent of Oslo's grade seven students report that they are bullied 2-3 times per month or more, which is higher than the national average. For grade ten students Oslo score is slightly below the average: Eight percent report that they are bullied 2-3 times per month or more.




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