10% of GDP on health in 2015

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During 2015,  the total health expenditure in Norway was 311 billion NOK. This corresponds to nok 60 000per capita.

Adjusted for wage and price inflation the increase in health expenditures per capita was 1.1 percent from 2014. About  85% of these cost were paid by the government. In the Nordic countries, the health spending to GDP ratio ranges between 8.8 per cent for Iceland and 11.1 per cent for Sweden. By comparison, the average in the OECD countries was 9.0 per cent. Health-related long-term care services accounted for 28 per cent of the total health expenditure. Compared with other countries in the OECD, Norway has a high share of spending on these health services. In general, the Nordic countries spend a lot on long-term care services because they have established formal arrangements for the elderly and dependent population.

Source: Statistics Norway

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