The Roma people demonstrate in Oslo

Roma people in OsloThe Roma people and other disadvantaged groups demonstrated against the city council's plans to ban outside sleeping in Oslo. A large number of Roma people met Oslo politicians on their way to work with banners, signs, songs and dance Wednesday morning.

Wednesday evening, the city council will most likely issue a ban against sleeping outside, a ban requested by the Oslo Police District.

As of today it is illegal to spend the night, camp og set up a tent in public parks or recreational areas, but it has so far been unclear what the rules are for densely populated, urban areas outside of parks and recreational areas. The suggestion up for discussion at Wednesday's meeting is a ban on all outdoor camping in public places.

The Roma People's support group, Folk er Folk ("People are people", arranged Wednesday's demonstration outside of Oslo City Hall. Representatives for other disadvantaged groups were also present.

Carl I. Hagen, group manager of the Progress Party, was one of the politicians who were stopped on his way to the office. Several of the demonstrators accuse the Conservatives and the Progress Party for lack of human compassion, but Hagen disagrees.

"I can't be a compassionate human being with all the voters' money," he said. "Norway should demand that far more of the money we give to Romania are spent on helping the Roma people, rather than investing in a corrupt regime," Hagen told NRK.


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