Skagerak International School

This community exists because of the visionary spirit that founded it and because for a number of years now we have offered a genuine educational alternative in the local Norwegian context; an international education that is tailored to each individual and which aims to bring out the best qualities in every person.

We are fortunate that our school community includes people who have lived or travelled all over the world, and who are equally interested in local and in global issues. Our membership of the international family of IB schools is complemented by our association with the other independent schools in Norway and with schools and organizations in our local community. Just as the Skagerakk channel draws together waters from the coasts of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Skagerak International School brings together the diverse influences, talents, and contributions of many people to create a lively and dynamic learning environment.


Since the high school was first established in 1991, many students have come to us for their education. We like to think that our values, philosophy and educational priorities have been constant over the past 20 years, even as the school has grown and evolved. Students have come seeking high quality education in English, appreciating the small classes, the safe and friendly environment and the commitment to effective and meaningful learning that we provide.  They leave us with expanded horizons and with a sense of the limitless opportunities that await them. We are truly proud of our alumni who have gone on from Skagerak to excel in many academic and professional fields, worldwide

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