Sør-Trøndelag County Authority

While the term county (fylke) denotes the geographical area, the county authority (fylkeskommune) is the democratically elected body, with responsibilities for public welfare in the county.

Sør-Trøndelag County is situated in the middle of Norway, bordering the Norwegian Sea in the west, Nord-Trøndelag County in the north, Jämtland County, Sweden in the east, and the three counties of Hedmark, Oppland, and Møre and Romsdal in the south.

The southern part of the county include the extended valleys towards Dovrefjell and Rørosvidda (Oppdal, Orkdal, and Gauldal), while the northern part includes the coast strip Fosna. The areas surrounding the outlet of Trondheimsfjorden, along with a large number of islands of which Hitra and Frøya are the largest, constitutes the western part of the county.

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