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The islands have been inhabited for more than 8000 years. In Viking times they were the home of several prominent families. Fishing and farming have given development and growth throughout the centuries.

Today new bridges and sub sea tunnels link the islands together. 6600 islanders can also reach the mainland and town centre of Ålesund throug these tunnels. Vigra is the site of the regional airport linking Ålesund and the region of Sunnmøre to the rest of Norway.

CULTURE Cultural treasures giv you an interesting picture of the history of these islands fom prehistoric to modern times. Excavations in the large cave know as ' Skjonghellaren ' at Valderøy show traces of pre-bronze habitation.
In Mjelthaugen at Giske gravestones with rich ornamentation from the early bronze age have been found. in the grave called Eilifrøysa at Godøy valuable objects of bronze, silver and god from approx. 400 A:D: were discovered. The island Giske had a unique position during the Viking period. It was the seat of one of Norways most powerful family was from Blindheim, Vigra.
The famous Gange - Rolv, or Rollo, was from Giske or Vigra. This great warrior conquered Normandie in 911 and became the ancestor of William the Conqueror, sire to the English Royal Family.
The old marble church at Giske was built as a family chapel for one of Norways most powerful and families. the church is built in the Norman style and is a typical product of the architecture prior to 1200.
In 1756 the church was restored. the local artist Jacob S. Giskegaard created the new interior including a new pulpit, and a new alterpiece.
ADVENTURES The rural district of Giske offer you recreation and adventures. The beautiful surroundings give you the perfect setting for cycling, sea fishing, sailing and diving. The famous cod fishing season in early spring is an unforgettable experience you can't miss !

From the white sandy beaches at Giske and Vigra you can easily reach the mountain tracks at Valderøy and Godøy, thanks to the new bridges and sub sea tunnels that link all the islands together. The islands have excellent harbours for boat-tourists.

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