Welcome to Hallingdal Folk Museum !

Hallingdal Folk Museum was founded in 1899 by the Agricultural director Gudbrand Tandberg in Nesbyen. The museum is an open-air museum with 25 buildings laying by the falls of the river Rukkedøl, at the end of the Rukkedal valley, west of Nesbyen's town center. The museum is easily accessible from RV7 and the Oslo-Bergen railline. Hallingdal Folk Museum became the district museum in 1978 with the hiring of a full-time conservator. The museum's district includes Flå, Nes, Gol, Hemsedal, Ål and Hol Townships, in other words an area including the large forest parishes in Flå, a large amount of the Hardanger Plateau in the west, and the alpine mountain tops in Hemsedal.
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