I'm searching for American relatives, my great grandfather left for USA in 1907 from Oslo (Christiania),he arrived at Ellis Island May 15 1907. His name was KARL ANTON KRISTIANSEN (CARL ANTON CHRISTIANSEN),born January 27 1875,he left behind a son (my grandfather) and a wife here in MOSS, NORWAY.

When he came to the states he was going to meet a friend named JOERGEN MEINICH ECKHOFF,and the address listed up in the ships manifest was in St.Paul, Minnesota. After that it seems like Karl Anton vanished in thin air, can't find out anything more about him. I would really like it if I could find out what happened to him, if he re-married and got family,if there is relatives after him in USA. Is there anyone who can help me with some tips and ideas on how to continue my search?

Marie Aagaard
Oereveien 10
1533  Moss

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