Family Day at the viking museum

Viking ShipHow can science save Viking treasures? The Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo has invited the children to find out at this Sunday's Family Day.  The Saving Oseberg Project asks both adults and children to take part in educational and fun activities that help explain the problems surrounding the frail objects from the Oseberg discovery. While the children learn about chemical building blocks and the issues that arise with acid, their parents can chat with scientists from the project. 


The purpose of the Saving Oseberg Project is to try to gain an understanding of why so much of the Oseberg collection at the museum is in such an alarming condition. A group of scientists aims to not only find out why, but how they can stop further decay of the objects and preserve them for future generations. 

On Sunday, the children can take part in an interactive show and hands-on activities that help explain the chemistry behind decay, as well as the research involved in saving the objects. The scientists will be able to answer questions about the project, and share the importance of science in the preservation of cultural heritage. 

The event takes place at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo on Sunday March 22, from 11am. The address is Huk Aveny 35. 



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