Visit the National Museum five years before opening

National museumEven though Oslo's new National Museum will not be completed for another five years, you can now take a virtual tour of what will be Norway's largest cultural building. 

The new National Museum for art, architecture and design will be built at Vestbanen in Oslo, and the space will be 54,600 square meters. The museum will not be opened until 2019, but by using the museum's new app "Nytt Museum," it is possible for the public to get a sneak peak on their cell phone.


"The app has been developed because we want to use new technology in the building project. People also show a lot of interest and curiosity for the new museum. We think this may help build the public's expectations," says Birgitte Bye, Head of Communication for the new National Museum. 

Through the app it is possible to see the building from outside, both from the ground and through a bird's eye view. The user is also able to move around in an exhibition room called "the Munch room" (Munch-salen), as well as aother exhibition room with contemporary art. 

"The goal is to keep developing the app throughout the building projects. As more drawings are ready, we will share them in the app," Bye explains to Aftenposten.

So far the app is available in both a "live" version and an offline version. 

"The idea is that you can use it when you are at the location. That gives you the same perspective in the real world as you get on your mobile screen. When you are physically there on the property of Vestbanen, you will get a good understanding of how it looks today, and how it will look when it is finished," says Bye.

However, she also assures us that the app works well in other cities too, and still gives the user a sneak peak for what's to come. "It works everywhere, I have used it myself both in Hamburg and Berlin."



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