Munch-museum may become new Islamic museum

Munch museumThe current, but soon-to-former Munch museum in Oslo when the new one opens in 2019, may become the site for a new Islamic museum.

A foundation led by Aamir Sheikh in thge Conservative Party wants to build an Islamic museum on the site where the current Munch museum at Tøyen is located. 


The foundation Dialog og fred ("Dialogue and peace") has told the City of Oslo that the terror attack on July 22 is a the reason why such a museum is needed. After the terrible attacks took place in downtown Oslo and at Utøya, there is a broad and general wish that the Norwegian should respond with more tolerance, more knowledge and greater respect for people's differences. 

"We have been quietly working towards establishing an Islamic museum for three years, and we think that the museum site at Tøyen would be a great location for this project," Sheikh tells Aftenposten. He says that he will travel around to muslim countries in order to collect funding for the museum.

"Several countries have already indicated that they want to support us. We have also submitted an application to he Ministry of Culture."

Former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik says that he is positive towards the foundation's plans. 

"I will travel with Sheikh if I have the time and ability," Bondevik says. Council leader Stian Berger Røsland (The Conservative Party/Høyre) is also positive, but informs that there are several plans for the site that are currently being reviewed, including a science center.

"Therefore I cannnot say whether the City of Oslo will give them permission or not to build," Røsland says. 

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