The city of Oslo presents final costs for new Munch museum

LambdaThe city is hoping to get NOK 744 million in government support for the new Munch museum, a third of the total cost.

The total cost of the new munch museum in Oslo, Lambda, is estimated to be NOK 2,256 billion in 2014, which will equal 2,761 billion in 2019, the year that the museum will open. The figures were presented to the city council Thursday afternoon. 


This figure includes everything: Building and construction costs, infrastructure, outdoor areas, as well as inventory. There have been several estimates of what the price of Lambda will actually be, but this figure is quality controlled, according Hallstein Bjercke, City Council for Culture. 

In 2009 the building costs were estimated to be NOK 1,630 billion, which would equal NOK 1,876 billion in 2014 based on the current price level. The difference of NOK 136 million is due to four changes in the project.

Most of the additional budget will be used to satisfy stricter environmental requirements for the building. The museum will also build two additional terraces, improve fire security, and build a separate entrance for school classes and groups.  

Bjercke says that they as "sure as they can get" that this is the final figure for the cost of Lambda. He is hoping that a third of the cost will come from government, and an application for NOK 744 million has been submitted to the Minister of Culture Torhild Widvey. 

Just over a year ago, the former Minister of Culture, Hadia Tajik, promised that the then socialist government would contribute with funding for the new Munch museum. 

Bjercke, however, feels confident that the current government will give them the funding they need. 

"Munch is a world artist. The City of Oslo has been given the responsibility to preserve his art, but this is also a National project. The government contributes with funding to regional cultural buildings, and I can't picture a better candidate than the Munch Museum in Oslo," he says. 

The museum will be complete in 2018, but will not open for thep ublic until 2019. 

(Aftenposten/photo by Estudio Herreros)

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