New viking centre to be built in Oslo

Viking shipThe new viking centre will be built at Bygdøy in Oslo, and will house a collection of all treasures from the viking age in Norway.
The current viking museum at Bygdøy is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oslo, and the viking treasures and viking ships are part of the most important historical heritage in the world.

Up until now, the treasures have been spread out between different museum buildings at Bygdøy, and there have been heavy debates about the future of the viking treasures. Many people, including the University of Oslo, wanted to move the viking ships to a brand new museum downtown in Bjørvika.

However, a group of appointed experts concluded that the ships and treasures are too fragile to be moved. They did, however, state that the ships will be able to handle some restoration work in their current location, which lead to the decision to build a new viking centre at Bygdøy.

The new centre will also include several other treasures from the Viking Age that have been displayed at the Museum of Cultural History in downtown Oslo. However, it's an urgent project due to the fragile state of many of the pieces.

"Of course it's a race against time, but people are working as hard as they can to save these cultural treasures. We think we'll be able to make it," says Minister of Education Kristin Halvorsen.


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