Norwegian film wins Sundance award

BlindEskil Vogt's first film Blind won the award for Best Script last night at the Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Blind has already received good reviews in the U.S. media, including the trade magazine Variety, and on Saturday evening the film took home the World Cinema Dramatic Screen Writing Award. 

Vogt himself had already returned to Oslo, but received the good news on the phone early Sunday morning CET. "It was a very pleasent phonecall, even though I was woken up in the middle of the night. We went home after Sundance feeling very happy, and didn't spend so much time thinking about the competition," Vogt states in a press release. 

Producer Hans-Jørgen Osnes says that the award was well-deserved. "This is a recognition of Vogt's talent as a script writer, and that he can be compared to some of the very best in the world." 

Three Norwegian feature films and three short films were screened at the festival, which is the largest film festival in the U.S., and the most important for international, independent films. 

Blind has also been selected for the Panorama-program at the film festival in Berlin in February. The film premieres in Norway on February 28. 


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