Visit the Fartein Valen Festival in Sveio and Haugesund this Summer

farteinvalenfestivalThe Fartein Valen Festival takes place in Haugesund and Sveio communities.  The Fartein Valen Festival is a national festival, aiming to convey the impression of both composer and cultural personality Fartein Valen.



An important starting point for the festival is the composer's home in Valevåg. This house is owned by the couple Fartein Valen Sendstad and Sølvi Vinnes, and holds treasures it is important to present to the public.  The Fartein Valen Foundation collaborates with the relatives of the composer and the Sveio and Haugesund municipalities. The arenas for the festival is both Sveio and Haugesund and the festival's important artistic goal is to reach out to a large audience. - We work consciously to achieve the greatest possible relevance in the society we are a part of.

The region is situated between Bergen and Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. International visitors may travel by plane or bus to get here. There is an airport in Haugesund with both domestic and international connections. By bus it takes appr. 2,5 hours to Bergen in the north and Stavanger to the south.

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