Statkraft and Hydro-Québec to cooperate

Norway's Statkraft and Canadian Hydro-Québec have entered into a three-year agreement to speed up the development of osmotic power, a new renewable energy technology.

Hydro wins new solar contracts

Norwegian aluminum producer Hydro has captured its first aluminium tube orders for solar collectors from Solarbayer GmbH in Germany and the Polish company Hewalex.

New Hydro investment in Ascent Solar

Norwegian aluminum supplier Hydro has entered into a securities purchase agreement with U.S. solar energy company Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. Hydro's investment in common stock of Ascent Solar will be USD 5 million.

SAS must pay millions in damages

The Norwegian High Court has ruled that SAS must pay rival airline Norwegian NOK 175 million in compensation for industrial espionage, thereby rejecting an appeal by SAS over a sentence by a lower court.

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