Historic year for Norwegian seafood export

seafoodSo far this year Norway has exported seafood worth NOK 900 million more than the total sale in 2013.  "Already at the start of December we can conclude that 2014 will be the best year in history for Norwegian seafood,"says Christian Chramer, communications director in Norway's seafood council. 


So far this year, including the month of November, Norway has exported seafood worth NOK 879 million more than the total sale in 2013.

According to Chramer, the demand for Norwegian seafood is high. 90 percent of the production is used for export, so a weaker Krone is good news for the seafood industry. 

So far this year, Norway has exported salmon worth NOK 39,6 billion. That is an increase of NOK 4,4 billion compared to last year. The current price is at NOK 40 per kilo, which is roughly NOK 2,00 more than in November last year. 

The export of mackerel is also growing. So far this year it is at NOK 3,9 billion, which is NOK 1,2 billion more than in 2013. Meanwhile, the export of herring is decreasing. So far this year Norway has expected herring worth NOK 2,3 billion, which is a decrease of NOK 453 million compared to the same period last year. 






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