Prime Minister summarizes state of the nation

Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg held an annual press conference at her residence in Parkveien in Oslo on Wednesday, where she summarized the past year and the state of the nation.

The Parliament's summer holiday is close, and the Prime Minister took the opportunity to summarize the past six months at a press conference at her residence on Wednesday.

The past few months the government has battled with several sensitive issues, including family doctors' option to reserve themselves from having to refer a woman to have an abortion, as well as Dalai Lama's visit to Norway. However, Solberg focused on the issues the government is currently working on, including education, health care and public transportation.

"I think we are well on our way towards new ideas and better solutons," Solberg said. We ran for the election because we think Norway is a wonderful country to live in, with a good economic development, but we know that this is not a guarantee for the future. The society we have today will not necessarily be the one we have in 20 years."

The Prime Minister explained the importance of building the society from the bottom and up. "We think the good solutions happen out there in the businesses. That is also where our health care can be improved. Our job is to simplify to that we can bring this creativity forward," she said.

Solberg was challenged on the new national ban on begging, but explained this by referring to organized crime. She was also asked about the level of English education in the public school system.

Earlier this week the Royal Palace announced that the Crown Princess and Crown Prince's children will be moved to private schools, partly because the couple think that Princess Ingrid Alexandra should be in an environment where she can learn good English. Many people interpreted this as a sign that the quality of the Norwegian public school system is not good enough.

"I have never considered private schools for my children," Solberg replied. "I respect all families' opportunity to make their own choices for their children."










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