Dalai Lama visits Oslo

Tibet's religious leader Dalai Lama arrived in Oslo on a private visit Wednesday May 7th, 25 years after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the Norwegian capital.

Dalai Lama comes at the invitation of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the Norwegian Tibet Committee and the Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist Society.

He will deliver several public lectures while in Oslo. 

The Tibetan religious leader will not be met by government ministers or representatives for the Norwegian authorities while he is in Oslo, a deciscion which has caused a lot of controversy in Norway.

The Government has been accused of bowing to pressure from China in a wish for an improvement in the icy relations between Norway and China, NRK reports.

The relations between China and Norway have been strained since the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 2010 awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

The Norwegian government has since then been hoping for improved relations with China.

The critics say Norway should not bend to the Chinese demand, but stand up for what we believe is right. And many opposition politicians and political commentators call it a cowardly decision.






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