Vest-Agder-museet Lista

Lista has a long and varied natural and cultural history. The Vest-Agder Museum at Lista illustrates this through its many different works and exhibits.


Torger and Bertha Kløgetvedt gave the old Kløgetvedttunet, with its tools and equipment to Bjerkreim District Council in 1984. The farm is located in a small clustered courtyard as was common in Bjerkreim before agricultural revolution.

Arquebus War Museum

Welcome to one of the finest War - and occupation museums in Norway !!!

Situated ten kilometres East of the city of Haugesund you can visit one of the major war museums in Norway. The museum is easy to find and it is sufficiently labelled from Europe Road 134 (E 134) in F

Welcome to Hedmarksmuseet & Domkirkeodden

Out on a headland jutting out into Lake Mjøsa lie the ruins of Hamar Cathedral Priory which was built here in connection with the foundation of the episcopal see i 1152-53.

Welcome to Krøderbanen

Steam powered, standard gauge railway between Vikersund and Krøderen. The travelling distance of 26 km ()16 miles) makes it 'Norway's longest museum'. Krøderen station is a superb example of an old Norwegian railway station.....


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