Welcome to ORKLA lndustrial Museum !

ORKLA lndustrial Museum preserves industrial and technical pieces of historical interest in the districts of Orkdal and Meldal, developing these into objects of attraction, and it also presents the local history of industry and labour in an informative, exciting manner.

At present you may experience the Thamshavn Railway, the world's oldest alternating-current-driven railway, and travel in carriages that were delivered at the 1908 opening of and railway. Or you may experience the "Cathedral of Work and Toil", i.e. the Old Mine, where the miner fought his daily battle against rocks. Løkken Verk offers a great variety of choices to a person looking for exciting experiences. The Museum Centre in the middle of Løkken Verk visually presents the history of the Thamshavn Railway and the mining industry.

ORKLA Industrial Museum invites you to experiences beyond the purely historical ones. We arrange trips to Løkken Verk in the way in which you prefer. A ride in one's owns Thamshavn Railway dining carriage is a pleasant experience for anyone. In this carriage you may be served anything from a simple cup of coffee with waffles to a full three-course meal. In the Old Mine an exciting guided tour may include a concert or a surprise lunch. The options are plentiful, imagination only sets the limits...... Read more here..........


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