Future cooperation on aquaculture

Canada, Chile, Scotland and Norway have this week signed a joint statement on future cooperation on aquaculture.


Announcing this, the Norwegian Fisheries Minister Elisabeth Aspaker said: "Today we have taken an important step forward. The demand for food will increase as the world’s population is predicted to grow to 9 billion by 2050. Seafood production must increase substantially to meet the needs of this expanded population".

- Norway, Scotland, Canada, and Chile are the worlds four main producers of atlantic salmon.The agreement signed today gives us an unique opportunity to learn from each other, Aspaker said:

• We will encourage cooperation
• We will exchange information, knowledge and experiences
• We will work together to put seafood on the global agenda on food security and nutrition.

- Although our industries are competitors in a global market, we share some common challenges. By cooperation and exchange of information we can learn from each other in effort to develop the aquaculture industry in a sustainable way, says the Norwegian minister Elisabeth Aspaker.

Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Dr Aileen McLeod said:

- I am delighted to be here at Aqua Nor strengthening our international ties with Norway, Canada and Chile, recognising the worldwide importance of aquaculture growth delivered through enhanced co-operation and joint working.

- Today’s joint statement is good news for the future sustainable growth and development of our aquaculture sector.  And I look forward to sharing the successes and learning from the challenges that all our countries have experienced as we look to grow sustainably, says dr McLeod.

(Press release)


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